About Ace Life

Ace Life Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2004, is located in New Taipei City, Taiwan.

Being a Taiwan professional memory products supply center, we supply a variety of memory cards and flash drive products for different clients to customize specification according to particular purposes and environment.
Ace Life Technology have a long-term work at exporting OEM / ODM memory cards and flash drives manufactured in Taiwan, and marketing the world's leading brand memory cards (i.e. SanDisk / Toshiba / Kingston / Samsung... etc.). In addition to selling the memory-related products, we also provide peripheral commodities of SSD, accessories of computer, communication, and consumer electronics, and other innovative products.
After years of experience in the market, Ace Life Technology has learned that quality, cost, service and speed of launch are the crucial prerequisites for any competition. Meanwhile, we cooperate with global logistics companions intimately as well as assure our customers of the on-time arrival, and quality products. We serve customers which span the globe, supplying them with shipping on-time, on budget, and with quality that meets or exceeds their specifications.
Ace Life Technology dedicate to providing our clients preferably with satisfactory products and servicing more intimately for a long time. Being a reliable partner, we uphold the fairness, the reciprocity, and the basis of trust to assist you in expanding electronic market.
In order to meet the increasingly diverse needs of customers and the environment, in addition to providing a variety of professional specifications of the memory card and flash drive products, the addition of a variety of other product projects. Category 5 major products are as follows:
A. Memory Devices -Flash cards 記憶卡/ USB drives 隨身碟 / SSD 硬碟 / Nand Flash / Dr
B. Mobile Accessories - Power bank 行動電源 / Wirless charger 無線充電 / (Blue tooth) Earphone (藍芽) 耳機 / Charging cables (type C) 傳輸線  / Keyboard 手機用鍵盤
C. Multimedia Products – VR Head-mounted display (HMD) 虛擬實境頭戴式裝置/ Projector 投影機 / Wearable devices 穿戴式裝置 / wireless speaker 無線喇叭
D. Creative Accessories - Mobile phone bag 小包 / Dust plug 耳機洞小物 / Phone stickers 水晶貼 / Smartphone case 手機套
E. Software Products - Anti-virus software 防毒軟體等
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